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Akira is the shopping destination for anyone looking to turn heads at any event, and Prolific was captivated by that boldness from day one. As a Chicago founded company, we’ve been following the Akira journey for over a decade. Having previously handled their marketing efforts in-house, the team at Akira was hesitant to work with an agency, but after a thorough audit of their ecommerce business and Facebook ad account, we determined that Prolific could impact Akira’s online business, profitably. 

Mindful of the client’s hesitancy, the Prolific team started off slow, incrementally improving the efficiency of Akira’s paid media strategy while building month over month revenue growth. Next, the strategists at Prolific built a rigorously-segmented funnel to target new customers while siloing existing ones according to user attributes. By finely segmenting their customer base, Prolific was able to help Akira acquire even more new customers while still maintaining a healthy and efficient middle and bottom funnel. 


Prolific was able to triple Akira’s ecommerce revenue, elevating it into the seven-figure range. Additionally, the Prolific team was able to consistently increase Akira’s ROAS from 800% while scaling, helping to drive more than 200,000+ online purchases. Prolific now assists with Akira’s advertising creative strategy, through which some viral TikTok and Instagram ads have reached tens of millions of consumers. Now the leading fast-fashion retailer in the United States with more than 30 stores nationwide, Akira is on the fast track to achieve Unicorn status.

350% Increase In Revenue

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