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We like to think of your website like a house: your homepage is the front of your home, it’s curb appeal, it’s what helps get people in the door to see the rest of the house when you’re selling it. Your collection pages are like the number of bedrooms in the house, the nicer the bedrooms the better. Your product pages are like the kitchen, most home flippers know a good kitchen can sell a home so these are the pages you really want to have optimized with things such as good photos, descriptions, and product reviews because that is your website's version of granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

These are things we see on a house at face value but when we hire someone to inspect a home one of the most important things they look at is the home's foundation to make sure the home is secure. Email automation is part of your sites/homes foundation, it is something that is easy to overlook for a regular home buyer but incredibly important to a home inspector and the houses well being. In this article, we’re gonna go over 4 email automation sequences you can use to sure up your website’s foundation to help your website run as efficiently as possible.

1. New Customer Drip Sequence

The email you send to a first time customer is critical to the success of your future emails. It is your chance to build your relationship with them and show off your personality to help create lifelong brand advocates.

How to set up a new customer email series

One thing you need to understand with first time customers is the position that they are in. These are people that don’t quite know you or your brand, but trusted you enough to spend money at your store. Like most people, they’ve probably had some bad experiences with eCom brands in the past not living up to their expectations. They’re probably gonna be a little standoffish so make sure you exceed their expectations by delivering a kickass customer experience so you can keep their business for years to come.

Email 1: Welcome to the Tribe Email

When to send: Immediately after someone subscribes

Welcome them into your tribe with open arms and show of your brand's personality. If you sell funny t-shirts work on making some funny copy. If you’re serious, keep it formal - just show them who you are! Also, let them know what is next, such as how long it will take for them to get their order and what your return policy is.

One major thing we try to do in our initial emails to customers is we like to get them to respond to the message and let it be known the people behind the brand. This does 2 things. 1 - it makes your brand more personable and 2 - it helps to keep your domain out of the spam folder by showing the Gmail’s of the world that your email is functional and that people engage with it.

Email 2: Check-in email

When to send: About 3 - 5 days later

Check in with customers and ask them how everything went. Consumers are used to being ignored by companies during this process, and you can stand out by asking them to get in touch if they need anything.

Make it easy for them to get in touch. Tell customers to reply directly to the email rather than making them submit a contact form or support request.

Email 3: Product review

When to send:  2 - 3 days after a person received their product/s

This is a great way to help build up the reviews on your website which will add more social proof which will in turn increase your conversion rate. We like to set this automation up via an app such as Loox Reviews

Email 4: Time-sensitive promotion

When to send: 3 days later

Once you have delivered products to the customer exceeding their expectations and have earned their trust is a great time to get them to come back and make another purchase by implementing a time sensitive promotion. It could be a Buy 2, Get 1 Free Sale or just Free Shipping, but make the copy urgent as if the deal will be gone tomorrow. Give them FOMO!

Email 5: Follow-up promotion

When to send: 1 day after the time-sensitive promotion.

Let them know that the sale ends today and you gave them a second chance to take advantage of such an amazing deal.

Email 6 and On: Jabs and Brand Building

When to send: 3 - 4 Days later

Now that you lead them through their first purchase, and hopefully a second, you can start to focus on sending emails that let them know more about the brand. This could be your top selling items, a message from the founder and what your companies mission is, blog posts that relate to the brand, anything that would be considered useful. You can continue to build out this email sequence as long as you would like, we’ve built some for our print on demand brands that have 35+ emails in them.

2. New Subscriber Drip Sequence

This sequence is a little bit different than the New Customer sequence because this is made up of people that have never purchased from you before, that barely know you. This is where we like to focus on content that’s helpful to your subscribers. This segment is composed of the people that signed up to your list via a pop-up on your website, which if you don’t have one you need one. We recommend using something that helps to gamify the interaction such as Wheelio.

Email 1: Educate subscribers and Remind them of why they’re on your list

When to send: Immediately after signing up

Now’s a good time for you to show these new subscribers a little bit about your brand and to give them a reminder of where they signed up from. If you used a 20% off type discount in your popup remind them of that in your email copy.

Email 2: Help subscribers get to know your brand

When to send: 2 days Later

Craft an email that tells the story of your brand and why you’re different. Tie your brand to a bigger purpose if you can. This is a place where we also like to reiterate the discount they signed up for letting them know it is about to expire soon

Email 3: The Last Day to Use Their Discount

When to send: 2 days later

Let them know that the sale that they signed up for ends today and that this is their last chance to take advantage of such an amazing deal.

3. Add to Cart Abandonment Sequence

When it comes to ecommerce, abandoned carts are without a doubt one of the most important email series, which is why we’ve written about them at length. Over half of shopping carts are abandoned, so if you’re in the ecommerce industry and you’re not sending an abandoned cart series, you’re leaving money on the table.

Email 1

When to send: 1 - 4 Hours after abandonment

It pays to act fast — but not too fast, otherwise you risk irritating shoppers.

Why not send an abandoned cart email right away? Well, you don’t want to accidentally email customers who have every intention of making a purchase but are just taking their time checking out. Maybe they needed to get their wallet out of the car. Maybe they decided to have a snack first. Whatever the reason, you can come off overly aggressive if you email them immediately.

Show them what they're missing and include the product they just left in their carts.Email 2

Email 2

When to send: 24 hours later

Sending a reminder email a day later is soon enough after that the abandoned items will still be top-of-mind, but not so soon that it will feel pushy.

Email 3

When to send: 24 hours later

Turn up the heat! Include a sense of urgency in their abandoned cart emails. (While supplies last, Offer Ends Soon, etc.) It’s important to use urgency to get shoppers to act fast. Try using language like “your cart is about to expire” or “these items are selling out fast!” to nudge them towards making a purchase. Save your sense of urgency for the final couple of emails. Coming in with a sense of urgency at the beginning of a 3-email series can make you sound like the boy who cried wolf.

Save your sense of urgency for the final couple of emails. Coming in with a sense of urgency at the beginning of a 3-email series can make you sound like the boy who cried wolf.

Pro Tip - Sweeten the deal

Another good tactic to convince people to buy is incentivization. Incentives are a great way to get people to buy, but you should consider only offering them to first-time buyers. Otherwise, your customers can become accustomed to receiving discounts and purposely abandon carts to reap the benefits.

4. Browse Abandonment Sequence

Email 1

When to send: 2 hours after browse abandon

Subject Line: Did you see something you like?

Klaviyo and Mailchimp make abandoned cart campaigns easy to set up. We recommend using their templates to make the emails show the items the recipient just added to their carts. Letting them know it is still in stock while supplies last.

Email 2

When to send: 24 hours after browse abandon

Subject Line: We saw you checking us out

Make this copy a little bit more urgent than the first one and add a small incentive to act now such as free shipping or a small discount.

If you're looking for help with your email automation or online growth strategy feel free to reach out here to see if you'd be a good fit.

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